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Amendment to the Housing Cancellation

Amendment to the Housing Cancellation
The new regulations will take effect on 1st January, 2016

Students may swap beds via on-line application within 10 days after the dormitory allocation result for next school year is announced.  For those who desire to swap beds beyond the time limit specified shall apply to the Housing Service Division in person and will need to pay NT$250 handling fee per request.  No cancellation of housing shall be permitted after May 30″   A student notified of being assigned a bed from waiting before/after May 30th should indicate availability or decline housing if he/she would not like to be in residence within 14 days since the date of being notified.  Otherwise it will be regarded as “occupied residence”, and he/she will be charged for the residence fee.  A refund of housing cancellation is in accordance with Paragraph IV.  An applicant who does not have the chance to be allocated a room in the dormitory may standby for vacancy and is based on order.

When applying for withdrawal from lodging during the middle of a residence accommodation, the residence accommodation fee can be refunded on a pro-rate basis, in accordance with the Student Withdrawal Refund Regulations.  The minimum  cancellation charges is 1/3 of the original residence fee (for one who had changed rooms before/after the cancellation, the original residence fee is subject to a high one).  Additionally, he/she will not be allowed to stay on-campus residence for the duration of his/her study, but not limited to: the one who is suspended, withdrawn, graduated from the University, or is suffering from a serious illness that is not suitable for living on-campus (please submit a verification issued by a regional hospital), or is for other specific circumstances to cancel housing.   The application of housing cancellation with the reason set forth in the paragraph must be approved by Vice President of Student Affairs to be exempted from minimum charge and expulsion from the residential system.