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Instructions to Air Conditioner Card

Instructions to Air Conditioner Card(冷氣卡使用須知)

1.      The air conditioner is working now.  Any students who have not received the dorm air conditioner remote control may claim it from the Dorm Staff.  The market price of the air conditioner remote control is NT$500.  In the case of loss or damage, please compensate it at the same price.  Please purchase the battery of the remote control, which is a consumable, on your own.

2.     Disposable air conditioner card: Book value NT$400

Available in Family Mart in 2nd Girls Dorm, Seven-Eleven in 2nd Restaurant, the supermarket in 10th Dorm, and the supermarket in 13th Dorm

3.     Please use the air conditioner fairly according to the following steps:

(1)   Please insert the air conditioner card into the position at 2/3 of the electrical meter.  After the meter senses the card, the monitor will display “CHECKING”;

(2)   When the monitor displays two lines of numbers, the first line shows the amount and the second line shows the impulse/kwh.  If the impulse/kwh is at least 1600 impulse/kwh above, it means “Normal”;

(3)   Turn on the air conditioner remote control, and then the air conditioner starts operating with charge.


4.     Please do remove the air conditioner card, if you do not need to use it.  Please do not insert it into the load electrical meter; otherwise, the following incidents might take place:

(1)      If the voltage is insufficient in the School, the one-on-one split type air conditioner and load electrical meter might be damaged (one-on-one split typed air conditioner values NT$23,000 per set, and load electrical meter NT$7,500 per pc);

(2)      Power-consuming when standby;

(3)      Danger might be caused when lighting.

5.      The power is charged at NT$3.8 per kwh, the harder the compressor works the more power will be consumed (fan will be most power-saving).

6.     Please keep the air conditioner filter clean to maintain the air quality.  Please do not use the air-conditioning equipment in the dorm against the relevant rules.  Any rule breaker will be fined NT$10,000 pursuant to laws.