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Rules for Student Dorm Reading Room Application

Rules for Student Dorm Reading Room Application

  1. The Rules are defined in order to enable the read room affiliated with the student dorm to be exploited optimally and effectively and to enhance students’ reading habit.
  2. The reading room is available to students for 24 hours each day.The air conditioner is available from 12:00PM to 14:00PM and PM18 to AM01:00 each day.
  3. The reading room is identified as a public area.Students must follow the following rules when using the room:

(1)   Pre-occupation of seats in the reading room is strictly prohibited. Please take the personal belongings away with you when you leave.  The Division will not be liable for any loss or removal of any personal belongings.

(2)   For the comfort and safety of the reading environment, smoking, drinking and inappropriate appearance and costumes are strictly prohibited in the reading room.  No entry of food or pets is allowed lest other users and cleaning environment in the public area be affected adversely.

(3)   To keep the reading room quiet and respect other users’ interests and rights, please keep your voice low and away from any uproar, and also set the mode of your cell phone ring as “vibrate” or “silent”.  Please discuss any questions in a manner free from interfering with the other users.

(4)   Please maintain the public property with due diligence, and keep the desk and environment clean.  No intentional damage to or misappropriation of the various outfits and public property is allowed in the reading room.

(5)   The student who leaves the reading room last shall turn off the air conditioner and light for energy-saving.  Should you have any questions, please report them to the Dorm Staff immediately.

  1. Please comply with the various policies and requirements.Any violation of the requirements provided in Paragraph III herein shall be disciplined in accordance with the “Student Accommodation Guidelines”, “Student Disciplinary Policy” and “Student Dorm Agreement”, subject to the seriousness of the case.
  2. The Division may discipline, or ask the relevant authority to discipline, as the case may be, any student committing misconduct not expressly disciplined herein.
  3. The Rules shall be enforced upon resolution of the Office of Student Affairs Meeting.The same shall apply where the Rules are amended.