Housing Center

Dorm residents parcel service

Dorm residents parcel service

  1. Any parcels mailed by Dorm students to the School via any post office shall be received and dispatched by the various Dorm Staffs of Housing Service Section.
  2. The parcels shall be claimed by Dorm quarters: North Quarter (9th, 10th and 11thDorms, and 1st Graduate Dorm), Chu Hsiun, South Quarter (12th and 13th Dorms, and 2nd Graduate Dorm), East Quarter (7th and 8th Dorms), and 2nd Girls Dorm.
  3. The parcels shall be picked up in the following manners:

(1)   Dorm, Dorm room, name and contact No. shall be identified on the parcels to help postmen and managers receive and dispatch the parcels.

(2)   To enhance the service efficiency, parcels will be dispatched within 14 days (to be returned if parcels are not claimed as of 15th day), from 19:00 to 23:00 every day.

(3)   Dorm students shall claim the parcels by presenting student ID or national ID.

(4)   The list of parcels will be posted on the bulletin nearby the entrance on 1F.

(5)   No parcel service will be provided to non-Dorm residents in the Dorm quarters.